Facebook 3.Ohhh Man That Took Forever

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone is available. Finally.

We’ll admit, we waited for this one for a few weeks while the App Gods took their sweet time on the approval…

Was it worth the wait?  Well, not at first… After the initial update from Facebook 2.5 (and the now regular restart after each new installation) the app locked on our first launch. Not Good. Deleting and re-installing did the trick…

When it did launch, we were greeted with some great new features

  • A smooth (almost iPhone-like) home screen with movable, customizable buttons.
  • LIKE your friends updates in real time!
  • Events – complete with RSVP!
  • In-App Browser with actually let you get back to where you left when you clicked the silly link!
  • Access to Notes with the ability to edit. (No tagging yet…)
  • Upload photos to any album!

Overall Impression: We Like.

App Store Link – Facebook 3.0

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No Google Voice For You

Andy Kessler at The Wall Street Journal has posted an interesting article on Apple’s recent rejection of the Google Voice App for iPhone and the fallout it has created.

With customers paying more than ever and providers still seeing falling profits in the wake of the technology boom, Mr. Kessler offers several suggestions for Big Bells to swing the trend in their favor.

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Here We Go!

My addiction to iEverything has spawned the need to share my opinions with everyone I can think of…

This blog is intended to serve as a repository for the things we covet.

We welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to hearing what you think!

Stay tuned…

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